Our eco-responsible goals

Encourage minimal packaging by eliminating virgin plastic from our supply chain

Thus, we use bags made of biodegradable materials, minimize our excess packaging during shipping and create labels made from recycled materials on our clothes. For us, it would simply not be coherent to create products made from eco-responsible materials without the entire process reflecting these values.


Because it is possible to wear trendy clothes while having a positive impact on society.



At Girl Crush, we design fashionable clothing with a strong focus on our environmental footprint, from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the moment we receive the package.

Here are some of the eco-friendly goals we've set for ourselves:


To promote minimal packaging by eliminating virgin plastic from our supply chain. For example, we use bags made from biodegradable materials, minimize excess packaging during shipping and create labels made from recycled materials on our clothing. For us, it simply wouldn't make sense to create products made from eco-friendly materials without the entire process reflecting these values.


To use an ecological printing method such as dye sublimation to transfer our illustrations onto our fabrics. As seen on our tote bags or t-shirts made of 100% recycled materials, the illustrations created in Montreal have been thermally sublimated in order to be printed on our products. Sublimation is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable method of printing garments in the industry. Why is it so? Because it generates no waste and no water is used or contaminated in the process. This method is safe for both workers and the environment.


Contributing to the fast fashion industry means contributing to the billions of pounds of clothing that end up in landfills each year. These fabrics not only emit gases, but also contain chemicals that contaminate our soil. Girl Crush produces its collections based on demand: two to four collections per year as well as a few exclusive and occasional designs (whereas fast fashion companies produce between 12 and 36). For us, it is extremely important to focus on quality. That's why every garment and accessory is made with care and attention to detail. It goes without saying that the higher the quality of a product, the more it will be worn and the longer it will stay out of the landfill.


Girl Crush is committed to using fabrics made from recycled and/or organic materials for its clothing. We are always on the lookout for the most advanced technologies and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Thus, creating fabrics with these properties was the right thing to do to save energy and reduce gas emissions. Read our textile section to learn about all the steps involved in creating, from collecting and washing plastic bottles to designing environmentally sustainable fabric.


When we talk about organic materials, we mean materials that are designed with the environment in mind. For example, all of the pieces in Girl Crush's Summer Collection are made from organic cotton.

According to the Textile Exchange report, organic cotton uses 11 times less water than conventional cotton in its farming process. In addition, no pesticides are used to grow it, making it non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-polluting. By wearing clothes made from organic cotton, you are not only giving a gift to the environment but also to your health.

Moreover, organic farming is based on a sustainable approach. It does not depend on non-renewable resources such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

However, organic cotton is 30% more expensive than conventional cotton, as the processes involved are more labour intensive and therefore also time consuming. This is why it took several months to create the matching sets, as we had to create fabrics with similar shades (for example, the cropped cami does not have the same fabric as the comfy shorts but has the same colour).


At Girl Crush, our goal is to constantly innovate and improve by gradually expanding our range of products made from 100% recycled materials. So far, this line includes the following items:

- 100% recycled T-Shirts

- 100% recycled Tote Bags

- 100% recycled socks

- Vintage Reworked

- Our Recycled Fleece collection (coming soon)

The development of such products is much more time consuming and complex as it is a brand new technology that is still evolving. We create our own fabrics that are made entirely from recycled materials. First, recycled plastic bottles are shredded into plastic flakes and then melted into chips to ultimately be transformed into recycled polyester fiber. Then, depending on the product, other recycled materials can also be used to obtain the ideal material. In the case of our T-Shirts for example, old cotton T-shirts are shredded and transformed into recycled cotton fiber to finally create our current material, which is a mix of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester.

In fact, some of our products are made from recycled clothing. This is our Vintage Rework section. These clothes, found in thrift stores or vintage shops, are given to our seamstresses and then transformed into new trendy clothes inspired by the 90s. The Vintage Rework clothing is unique and contributes to the environment through sustainable practices. We are very proud of this section which complements Girl Crush's values very well.


For us, each person who puts their little grain of salt in the creation of a Girl Crush product is a member of our family who deserves to be celebrated and respected. Therefore, we only work with factories that exceed the highest national standards in terms of working conditions. The following Girl Crush items are produced here in Montreal:

- Toques

- Scrunchies

- Jewelry

- Vintage Reworked

Most of the people we work with here in Montreal are hired on a contract basis, which means they are their own bosses and are in charge of determining how much they want to be paid and their work schedules. Finally, since Asia is the world leader in terms of eco-responsible materials, all of our items made from recycled or organic materials are produced there.


At Girl Crush, it is important for us to encourage local artists who are as passionate as we are. From our seamstresses, fashion designers, videographers, photographers, illustrator and more! We always give creative control to the artists we work with and the seamstresses in charge of our Vintage Reworked range.

You can find out more about the Girl Crush team in the Team section.


By working with associations, foundations or organizations, brands link business activity to support social or environmental causes. At Girl Crush, we are constantly looking for causes that we can contribute to in our own way.

That's why in 2020, we partnered with Le Chaînon. For every hoodie sold, 2$ goes to this organization that helps women in difficulty and those living with domestic violence. These donations are used to improve the infrastructure of Le Chaînon, which allows them to welcome more women in need of support under their roof. You also have the option of making a voluntary contribution to this organization.

It is also very important for us to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement every day. By making donations, by working together with BIPOCs (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) within the company and not just in the spotlight. We encourage you to sign petitions and make donations right here: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/