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Mission and values

At Girl Crush, every human is special and shines in their own way. We believe in the uniqueness of everyone and that's why we promote values of inclusion by creating clothes adapted to your shapes which include sizes ranging from XS to 3X. Our mission is based above all on the idea of transmitting a positive message to inspire the people who wear it and thus make a difference in their daily lives. We create comfortable and affordable clothing by drawing inspiration from the latest trends to offer you unique pieces.

  • Innovation

  • Commitment

  • Balance

  • Environment

  • Women's emancipation

  • Brand promise

We are trendsetters!

Innovation is using creativity to surpass oneself and always aim higher. We want to create fashion and constantly push our limits in terms of innovation.

For Girl Crush, innovation is a mindset; a curious and creative spirit that aims to play outside the box.

Our words and actions are aligned!

Whether within the team or with our clients, we engage in exchanges with respect, open-mindedness, and balance.

Commitment is also about delivering what is promised! Whether it's producing quality products, delivering results within teams, or towards the community. For Girl Crush, it's also about committing to providing a balanced work environment, so that every employee can live the life of their dreams.

Promote a work-life balance both within our employees and with our customers. Our wish is to help women feel good.

We are our environment!

We believe that as a company, we must prioritize the environment.

One step at a time, Girl Crush aims to become increasingly environmentally responsible in its clothing production and actions.

We are shaping the image of the woman of tomorrow!

We firmly believe in women's emancipation as a driving force for progress and success in our community of tomorrow.

Women's emancipation is about encouraging each woman to surpass herself, to live the life of her dreams with confidence, strength, and conviction.

At Girl Crush, the durability and quality of our products are guaranteed. If our product doesn't meet your expectations, we'll take it back. Although we take pride in creating sustainable clothing, our quality promise does not extend to usage beyond the practical lifespan.