Clothing production

Slow production

We favor slow and sustainable clothing production based on demand. We therefore produce a few collections per year, to reduce the quantity of raw materials used and the quantity of waste generated. For example, we have already created a collection with Harley Davidson St-Jérôme in order to recycle dormant clothes to transform them and bring them up to date.

For us, it is extremely important to focus on quality. This is why each garment and accessory is made with care and with particular attention to detail. It goes without saying: the more a product has a superior quality, the more it will be worn and stay away from landfills.

Certifications and ecological printing method

We ensure that our production practices are respectful. The majority of our fabrics have OEKO-TEX certifications which represent safe, environmentally friendly products that have been produced in a socially responsible manner. Our manufacturing plants also hold WRAP certification, which controls and certifies legal, humane and ethical production.

As seen on our tote bags or t-shirts, the illustrations created in Montreal have been thermally sublimated to be printed on our products. Our garment prints are made with a sublimation practice which uses less water than normal and generates no waste. This technique is therefore considered more ecological and sustainable.