Who are we?

Created in October 2019 by Cindy Cournoyer and Lucie Rhéaume, Girl Crush is a brand, but above all an inspiration for all those who wear it and who want to make a difference.

The clothes designed for the Girl Crush Gang make everyone who has them feel good, but also confident, through the positive messages and empowering that they convey. Girl Crush supports her clients in their active life outside the home as well as in the comfort of their own home. We want to motivate our community to make loungewear an « everyday wear ».

Comfortable and affordable clothes, it's here! We think about the designs of our loungewear, taking inspiration from the latest trends to offer you unique pieces that make people talk. Worn by several influencers and Quebec stars, Girl Crush creates trends but above all inspires many people to address subjects little discussed in the fashion industry. Our mission is to support you to bring you confidence and positivism in your daily life.

Hoping that our products become your lucky charms as they are for us. 


Cindy et Lucie x

Our team

co-founder and production manager


Lucie is co-founder of the Girl Crush brand. She therefore works in several fields but mainly takes care of production. She ensures that the clothes created comply with what was initially requested, but also comply with our values. Lucie checks our samples, communicates with our manufacturers, puts our wildest ideas on paper, helps develop 2D drawings and more!

co-founder and head of marketing

cindy cournoyer

Cindy is co-founder of the Girl Crush brand. She therefore also works in several areas of the brand but is mainly concerned with marketing and brand image. Cindy therefore maintains discussions with agencies and influencers to propel Girl Crush through social digital campaigns, leads the organization's discussions with customers, establishes communication strategies and more!

project manager and logistics manager

émilie st-arneault roy

Émilie is the first employee at Girl Crush, which explains her ambivalence. She is in charge of all logistics at Girl Crush. In addition to making sure operations run smoothly, she responds to multiple Girl Crush emails ensuring customer satisfaction; she creates newsletters to stay in touch with customers; implements action plans to optimize storage parameters; ensures internal and external control. Basically, she's a must have on the team!

Head designer

Frédérique desbiens-gravel

Frédérique is the chief designer at Girl Crush. She is the one who takes care of bringing every idea of ​​clothing to life! She conceptualizes each collection and ensures the quality of the fabrics and of each piece.


Claudie lamarre

Claudie is the outstanding illustrator behind many of our products. She knows how to put into images the most poignant messages. The clothes that have benefited from his talent are recycled t-shirts as well as tote bags.


Nesrine et catherine

Nesrine and Catherine are meticulous and talented seamstresses. They also worked on our scrunchies (that's a lot!). With them, each unit is produced with love and passion.