Un an après notre passage dans "Dans l'œil du dragon" : Un bilan révélateur pour Girl Crush

One year after our appearance on "Dragons’ Den: A revealing assessment for Girl Crush

Exactly one year ago today Girl Crush made its debut on the set of Dragons' Den and since then, our journey has been filled with discoveries, challenges and successes. As we reflect on this past year we can't help but notice how much our company has evolved and grown. Let's take a look back at the path we've traveled and examine the changes and new developments that have marked our adventure.

Since our appearance on the show we've witnessed a significant increase in traffic to our offices. Nestled in an industrial neighborhood we were pleasantly surprised to see a much larger influx of customers particularly from a demographic we had previously reached less: those aged 40 and older. This expanded audience is a testament to the positive impact of our media exposure and how it has enhanced the visibility of our brand. Speaking of visibility it's been incredibly rewarding to see more and more people recognize the name Girl Crush and mention hearing about our company. This increased recognition reinforces our vision.

In terms of business performance we've also experienced significant sales growth in the months following our appearance on the show. The excitement generated by our participation has sparked consumer interest in our products. However, beyond the numbers, the experience on Dragons’ Den has brought us much more. The mentorship and feedback from the Dragons have been invaluable to our company. We've been able to establish strong relationships with these iconic figures in the business world and we continue to benefit from their advice and support. Their expertise has helped us refine our strategy and overcome obstacles along the way.

This experience has brought our team closer together. Working together on a project of this magnitude has strengthened our bonds and our cohesion. From viewing parties to brainstorming sessions we've gone through this adventure together more united than ever. This experience has also allowed us to dive into the heart of our company better understanding its intricacies and challenges. Being scrutinized by the Dragons has pushed us to master our business like never before.

Looking back we realize how transformative our participation has been for Girl Crush. We're grateful to the show for this opportunity and we're eager to continue our journey with determination and passion. As we look to the future we're confident that the challenges ahead will be opportunities for growth and achievement for our company.

We invite you to listen to the "En Privé SVP" podcast, where we shared behind-the-scenes insights from our experience and some juicy details from the filming last year. The episode is available on all platforms. This episode is from Season 6 and the title is : Ce qui s'est vraiment passé à Dans L'Oeil du Dragon To review our appearance, click here!

Girl Crush thanks you for your continued support and invites you to continue this adventure with us. The future looks promising and we can't wait to share it with you!