Découvre les articles préférés de nos ambassadeurs pour notre vente de fin de saison !

Discover our ambassadors' favorite items for our end-of-season sale!

The Recycled Work Pants and it's Blazer are easy to wear for various occasions, whether it's heading to work or even for a restaurant evening, paired with a stylish pair of shoes. In addition to their appealing aesthetics, Sabrina Monette highlights their impeccable fit.

For Charlotte Boyer, the Double Fleece Crewneck provides unparalleled comfort. It feels wrapped in softness all day long, with a touch of style!

Josiane Leclair qualifies Après-Ski as comfortable and stylish, she considers the sweater simply perfect. It harmoniously pairs with her favorite clothes, whether it's her preferred jeans or black leggings. Neither too thick nor too thin, it provides the ideal warmth after a day of skiing or snowboarding. Its loose fit gives a sense of well-being, and its softness is simply delightful. Josiane emphasizes the exceptional quality of the fabric, instantly noticeable. It is unquestionably a must-have for winter.

Mia Gaudreault also shares enthusiasm for the sweater, Après-SkiShe can't stop praising this collection, particularly highlighting this sweater. She appreciates its versatility, as it can be paired with a light skirt as well as with a white turtleneck and jeans.

Kelly Laberge, as for her, she also has a crush on the sweater Après-Ski Up the hills! She receives numerous compliments on this garment, in addition to finding it comfortable. Perfect for both dinner and work! Kelly even shares a style tip: rolling up the sleeves reveals another color, adding an adorable touch.
Alice Lavoie, designates the sweater Après-Ski as her ultimate choice ! In addition to its incredible comfort, it pairs perfectly with a casual look or a more elegant pair of pants. Its versatility and exceptional softness (unlike itchy wool sweaters) make it an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

Megane English, also designates Après-Ski Sweater as her favorite pieceBeautiful, comfortable, and perfect for all occasions. Whether grabbing a drink, staying at home, going out for coffee, or simply relaxing while staying stylish, the Après-Ski sweater is a must-have in your wardrobe!

For Mylène Charland, bikinis are her favorites thing ! She emphasizes that they stay in place, providing her with great comfort in her body. A real pleasure!

Marie-Pier Duguay, she, on the other hand, opts for the Oversized Crewneck. This sweater fits seamlessly into everyday life with its roominess, also offering an appealing range of colors. She even bought it in blue and is considering acquiring another one soon. Multiple colors, a beautiful testament to her love for the product!

Alexe Plamondon, as for her, she loves the off-white waffle beanie. An essential accessory for her outdoor adventures, both thick and cute. Whether hiking or paired with an elegant coat when she doesn't feel like styling her hair, this beanie accompanies her with style. In the photo, at a temperature around -25°C, her fingers were freezing, but not her ears, hihi.