Les incontournables à ne pas manquer : Découvrez nos coups de cœur !

The essentials not to be missed: Discover our favorites!

The current season has some great surprises in store and that’s why we’re going to feature some exceptional items that you won’t want to miss before they’re gone. Whether you are looking for timeless pieces, seasonal finds, limited edition items or the latest trends, our selection will delight you. Get ready to explore high-quality products that will allow you to add a special touch to your wardrobe or everyday life. You will see the favorites of GIRL CRUSH employees through this article so that you can receive good advice!

Timeless pieces

Let's start by highlighting the timeless pieces that form the basis of a wardrobe. These items have the ability to weather the seasons in style and their versatility makes them a wise investment. We have several so-called basic items that can accompany several of your outfits such as linen products, our J’men clit products or our famous hoodies. For example, our premium linen collection are essentials that suit all seasons. They are perfect for a casual or dressy outfit and their elegance is timeless. The ribbed-bra and the cropped cami, flagship products of the linen collection, are Alexandra and Cindy’s essentials.

Seasonal items
With autumn upon us and the cool weather starting to make itself felt, it will be time to bring out clothes that will give us a little more warmth. Looking for something cozier? Opt for the Après-ski collection. This collection is the favorite collection of more than half of Girl Crush employees! Are you looking for a malleable collection that will still keep you warm? Opt for the Elevated Streetwear collection instead. This collection is Émilie and Lucie’s favorite and the elevated oversize crewneck is Lucie and Mélanie’s favorite item! Are you just looking for comfortable clothes that will make you feel on cloud nine? Opt for the French Alps collection or our cardigans.

Unique items
Among the selection of our products also includes unique items that are sure to arouse your curiosity. Find out why they are loved by so many people. These unique pieces can add a touch of originality to your style. We can think, for example, of the Body Rules collection created in collaboration with Claudie Mercier to highlight self-acceptance and unconditional love for oneself. With its print inspired by nutritional tables containing “important reminders to remember” (self worth facts) on the back, it will take you even further! It’s Alexandra and Nadia’s favorite. Our Everythings happens for a reason hoodie is also a product that really turns heads!

Items in demand
Don't miss out on the most sought-after items. These products are experiencing phenomenal success and many customers have already adopted them. Our sports collections have become a must-have for those looking for comfort and style for both their workouts and everyday life. Their popularity is undeniable, and you can join the trend now with our Activewear collection and our collection in collaboration with the beautiful company Oraki. According to Émilie and Nadia, leggings have the best texture in the world and that’s why they’re their favorite item! With the arrangement of our sports tops, there will be nothing better.

Items for nostalgics
The change of season is a little too hard to live with and you want a little more of the summer season? You can make the change of season a little gentler with our Core and Luxe Summer collection. These two collections include both shorter and longer items, enough to go from warmth to coolness with class! The ribbed bra and the oversized crewneck from Core Summer are essentials according to Alexandra, Nada & Rebecca. Did you know that we also still have some pieces left from the collections from the early years of Girl Crush? Our Waffle collections, our Work Attire and our famous sweater vests are perfect for nostalgic souls. There are only a few sizes left which means that soon, they will disappear from our site forever!
The articles we have highlighted are real hidden treasures that deserve to be discovered. Our selection is full of exceptional products at irresistible prices. Don't wait any longer to explore our diverse range and enrich your life with high-quality items that reflect your unique style. Visit our website now to discover all our hidden treasures!