L’équipe Girl Crush et ses ambassadeurs dévoilent les produits coups de coeur de leurs mamans 🩷

The Girl Crush team and its ambassadors reveal their moms’ favorite products 🩷

Girl Crush is always in the spotlight to celebrate and honor the most important women in our lives. This year, the Girl Crush team decided to highlight a special selection of products, carefully chosen by their own mothers. Our brand ambassadors also have these exceptional women who provide not only their support, but also their expertise and personal recommendations. This world of tenderness and sharing allows the discovery of favorite products and tells a story of love and gratitude.

Mother of Cindy Cournoyer - Co-founder of Girl Crush

My mother likes the Double Fleece. She really likes anything comfortable. Otherwise, I often find her in our linen shirt and she can't wait to try the Douceur Champêtre collection.

Mother of Alexandra Picard Dubé - Marketing Director & Kathleen, mother of Mia Gaudreault - Ambassador, Mother of Mélanie Simard - Graphic designer

My mother loves her linen set. She likes the comfort of the outfit and the fact that at the same time she feels very well dressed. My mother, Kathleen, also loves linen sets! She has the beige one and she wears it all the time. She just got the green one from the new collection and she is over the moon! She finds it “intergenerational and timeless”. Mélanie's mother loves the linen shirt, she finds it beautiful and really comfortable.

Mother of Nadia - Designer

My mother loves the new dress from the Douceur Champêtre collection or the blue textured shorts because it's her favorite color and the olive black maxi skirt from the latest La Bohème collection which she wears as a dress as she is little!.

Michèle, mother of Juliette Décarie - Ambassador

Hi my mom loves her top from the French Alps collection because she finds it really comfortable and she likes the fit for someone who wears 2XL.

Nathalie, mother of Alexe Plamondon, Nicole, mother of Valérie Parker, & Lyne, mother of Camille Benaim - Ambassadors

My mother has dreamed of having an après-ski sweater ever since she saw mine! She really liked the design and the softness of the fabric. My mother, Nicole, loves après-ski sweaters, especially the retro blue one from the winter collection. She always asks me to think of her if I give it away. My mom Lyne also really likes Retro Après-Ski, but also Cabin in the Mountains.

Ghislaine, mother of Kimy Brissette - Ambassador

My mom loves Body Rules sweatshirt! When she saw it, she loved the fabric and its softness and the principle of inclusiveness by not marking the size on the label and with the inscriptions on it!

Mother of Lucie Rhéaume - Co-founder

My mom loves the Body Rules set in pink because she likes the comfort and color. She also loves the burnt orange work ensemble and wearing it with one of our beige fitted turtlenecks underneath, she says she always gets compliments on it! Otherwise, another of her favorite sets is the linen set in navy blue for summer because she can wear it at all times.

Véro, mother of Myriam Thibault - Ambassador

She LOVES my cargo pants and my après-ski sweaters, the perfect mix of style and comfort. Every time I wear them, she says “the next one is for me, right?” » )

Marie-Josée, mother of Josiane Leclair - Ambassador

So my mom has a crush on the Timeless dress in the dark. She says and I quote “she is feminine, simple and versatile”.


Lucie, mother of Clara Lavallée - Ambassador

My mother Lucie loves the sports jacket for going for a walk every day. She also likes the summit route après-ski because the colors are beautiful and the quality is incredible.

Mylène, mother of Charlotte Boyer - Ambassador

My mom's favorite piece is the white maxi skirt from the La Bohème collection. It can be worn for everyday activities as well as for a romantic dinner.

This series of moms' testimonials highlights Girl Crush's product appreciation, providing an authentic and heartwarming perspective.