Capsule garde-robe : nos recommandations

Wardrobe capsule: our recommendations

Wardrobe capsule: our recommendations

Capsule wardrobes have become very popular over the past few years because of their minimalist approach to fashion and their longevity. It consists of a set of essential and versatile garments that you can wear all year round and can be combined in various ways to create versatile outfits. The idea here is to have a small number of quality garments that can be worn interchangeably, rather than a large number of garments that are only worn infrequently.

Must-haves include pants (like our textured pants), dresses (like our ribbed dress), or a t-shirt (like our 80s recycled t-shirt).


A wardrobe capsule can also have a positive impact on the environment. By reducing the amount of clothing you buy and opting for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the sustainability of fashion.

When creating a wardrobe capsule, it is important to choose quality clothes that are well-fitting and long-lasting. You can opt for natural fabrics such as cotton (like our slouchy jacket), wool (like our rib-knit half-zip sweater), and linen (like our shirt), which are not only durable, but also ecological.


Its other advantage is that it can save you time and money. By having a small number of quality clothes that you can wear interchangeably, you won't need to buy new clothes as often, which can reduce costs in the long run.

Once you've created it you can start experimenting with different outfit combinations. You can also add accessories such as jewelry (like our Girl Crush necklace), bags and stockings (like our j'men clit bag and j'men clit socks) to personalize your look.

This minimalist approach to fashion saves you time and money while having a positive impact on the environment. By choosing quality, durable clothing, you can create a versatile set of essential pieces that suit your personal style and lifestyle.

Marianne, Team GIRL CRUSH xox