3 bonnes raisons de choisir les morceaux girl crush

3 good reasons to choose girl crush pieces

    1. Eco-friendly goals

    At Girl Crush, we design fashionable clothing with a strong focus on our environmental footprint, from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the moment we receive the package. Here are some of the eco-friendly goals we have set for ourselves:

    • Promote minimal packaging by eliminating virgin plastic from our supply chain.
    • Use a dye sublimation technique to transfer our artwork onto our fabrics in an environmentally friendly manner.
    • Favour slow and sustainable garment production according to demand.
    • Use fabrics made from recycled and/or organic materials.

    2. For everyone

    At Girl Crush, the idea has never been to make clothes for only one type of body. We make it a point to create clothes in an inclusive way. The goal is to allow everyone to feel good in their body as well as in what they wear, no matter what size they are. Girl crush puts this forward by the positive and empowering messages they convey.

    3. trend, comfort and quality

    Girl Crush accompanies its customers in their active life outside the house as well as in the comfort of their home. The motivation behind this is to make loungewear an "everyday wear" by creating comfortable and affordable clothes. We think about the designs of our loungewear by taking inspiration from the latest trends to offer you unique pieces.