Biological materials

Organic cotton

When we talk about organic materials, we are talking about materials that are designed with respect for the environment. For example, all pieces in Girl Crush's Modern War Attire collection are made from organic cotton.

According to the source Textile Exchange, through its agricultural process, organic cotton consumes 11 times less water than conventional cotton. In addition, no pesticides are used to cultivate it, which makes this material non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-polluting. By wearing clothes made of organic cotton, you are giving a gift to the environment but also to your health. Moreover, organic farming is based on a sustainable approach. Thus, the system is not dependent on non-renewable resources, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic cotton, however, costs 30% more than conventional cotton, as the processes involved require more labor and therefore time.

Recycled materials

Development of recycled fabrics

At Girl Crush, our goal is to constantly innovate and improve by gradually expanding our range of products made from 100% recycled materials. So far, this range includes the following items: our t-shirts, our tote bags, our stockings, our Vintage Rework as well as our “Recycled Fleece” collection. The development of such products is much longer and more complex since it is a brand new technology that is constantly evolving. We create our own fabrics which are made entirely from recycled materials. Here are the steps briefly:

step no.1


First, the plastic bottles are collected and washed

step no.2


These recycled plastic bottles are then shredded into flakes by a machine

step no.3


Plastic flakes are melted into small balls

step no.4


Which, in their turn, are melted again to form filaments and the filaments are then transformed into threads

step no.5


Plastic yarns are used to knit the new environmentally sustainable fabric.

There you go! A new garment is made using this artificial fabric created from 10 to 12 plastic garbage bottles!