Our eco-responsible goals

At Girl Crush, we design trendy clothes while attaching great importance to our ecological footprint, from the start of the manufacturing process until receipt of the package.

Here are some eco-responsible goals that we have fixed

1. Minimal packaging

Encourage minimal packaging by eliminating virgin plastic from our supply chain.

Thus, we use bags made of biodegradable materials, minimize our excess packaging during shipping and create labels made from recycled materials on our clothes. For us, it would simply not be coherent to create products made from eco-responsible materials without the entire process reflecting these values.

2. Eco-friendly printing method

Use a thermal sublimation technique to transfer our illustrations to our fabrics

As seen on our tote bags or t-shirts 100% made from recycled materials, the illustrations created in Montreal have been thermally sublimated in order to be printed on our products. Sublimation is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable garment printing method in the industry. Why? Since it generates no waste and no water is used or contaminated during the process. This method is safe for both workers and the environment.

3. Slow clothing production

Favor slow and sustainable clothing production according to demand.

Contributing to the fast fashion industry (commonly referred to as "fast fashion") means contributing to the billions of pounds of clothes that end up in landfills every year. These fabrics not only emit gases, but also contain chemicals that contaminate our soils. Girl Crush produces its collections according to demand: two to four collections per year as well as a few exclusive and occasional creations (while fast fashion companies produce between 12 and 36). For us, it is extremely important to focus on quality. This is why each garment and accessory is made with care and with particular attention to detail. It goes without saying: the more a product has a higher quality, the more it will be worn and will remain far from landfills.

4. Recycled materials

Use fabrics made from recycled and/or organic materials

Girl Crush has promised to favor fabrics created from recycled and / or organic materials for her clothes. Indeed, we stay abreast of the most advanced technologies and innovative methods to reduce our carbon footprint. Thus, creating fabrics with these properties was essential to save energy and reduce gas emissions. Carefully read our “textile” section to learn all the creative steps, from plastic bottles collected and washed to ecologically sustainable fabric design.