Everyday Linen

Everyday Linen

The Everyday Linen collection, presented on the show Dans l'œil du dragon, is a true ode to simplicity and elegance. Consisting of a shirt, shorts, pants, crop top, tank top and dress, this collection offers timeless pieces that will suit every taste and every occasion.

The colors chosen for this linen collection are navy blue, terracotta and natural. These soft and neutral shades allow a great versatility of the pieces, which can be easily combined with other clothes in your wardrobe.

The linen shirt is the flagship piece of this collection. It is available in the three colors offered, and offers a casual but elegant style, perfect for a summer day or an evening with friends. The shorts and trousers, also in linen, are comfortable and light, ideal for hot days. Our famous Ribbed Bra Top and the Cropped Cami are versatile pieces that can be worn alone or combined with other garments. The crop top is particularly suitable for summer outfits, while the camisole can be used to add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit. Our brand new dress will suit any type of event this coming season!

In short, this linen collection presented in Dans l'œil du dragon is a real success. With its soft colors and timeless pieces, it offers a range of elegant and comfortable clothes that can be worn all year round.

If you are looking for simple yet elegant clothes to complete your wardrobe, this linen collection is definitely for you.

Cindy & Lucie