Rencontrer l’énergie vibrante de Lucie Rhéaume  : Co-fondatrice de GIRL CRUSH

Meet the vibrant energy of Lucie Rhéaume: Co-founder of GIRL CRUSH

Word from the team: It's Lucie's turn to introduce herself: a passionate person who co-founded the company!

His innovative vision is a pillar for transforming abstract ideas into concrete actions in a remarkable way that has allowed the company to reach new heights. Her unwavering determination and her ability to constantly push her limits are a source of inspiration and motivation for all. What impresses us even more is his humble nature and his willingness to share this success with others. Lucie is always there to support and encourage each member of the team, creating a collaborative and caring work environment.

We are proud to work alongside him, his integrity and dedication are an inspiration to all of us and we are blessed to continue to grow and achieve incredible things together.

Age ? 24 years

Astrological sign? Ram

Role and your main tasks at GIRL CRUSH (life, professional background, entrepreneurship): As co-founder and co-president of Girl Crush, I am responsible for the financial aspect, accounting and production. Together with my partner and best friend Cindy, we create the designs for the Girl Crush songs together and jointly plan the strategic direction of the company. Along with managing my businesses, I also juggle completing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a marketing concentration as well as my responsibilities related to my work as a content creator.

Personal life (a few things about you: qualities, favorite song, favorite dish, etc.): I am a person passionate about life, constantly eager to discover new things. I love spending time with my loved ones, enjoying days of reading under the warm rays of the sun, or getting lost on long hikes in nature. There is no meal that gives me more comfort than the childhood lunch my Cuban grandmother made me: brown rice with beans, a banana and eggs.

What is the story behind your passion for fashion? When I was young, I spent hours rummaging through my mom's walk-in closet for treasures. From the Harley-Davidson pieces she wore to ride motorcycles with my dad to her evening dresses, I had fun trying them on and reworking certain pieces to make them look good on me. I remember when the high-waisted denim shorts trend started: I desperately wanted to get a pair of these but there weren't any in stores anywhere. So I cut a pair of vintage jeans she had to make shorts and it's probably one of the pieces I've worn the most in my life hahaha.

This experience was the starting point of my passion for fashion. I realized that clothes were more than just a necessity, they were a means of self-expression and creativity. I started getting interested in trends, how clothes can influence our self-confidence and how they could tell a story about who we are.

My passion for fashion became an integral part of my life and it was this interest that made us see some flaws in the industry: we wanted to make environmentally conscious choices but at that time sustainable fashion was often associated with high prices and was difficult to access for many people. This realization deeply motivated us to action and made us realize that we had the opportunity to help create the change we wanted to see in the fashion industry. And that's what led us to the creation of Girl Crush!

What would you like people to know about you that is perhaps surprising or unexpected? I would say that I am quite a "hermit". Contrary to what one might think, I have rather limited social batteries and I deeply cherish my alone or quiet time: this time is essential to my well-being.

How do you see the future of our Quebec clothing company? Our goal is to create pieces that make you feel LIMITLESS, ready to take on the world, while helping to make sustainable fashion more accessible. In my eyes, as long as we do what we do with passion, we will have the determination and energy to overcome the challenges that come our way and we will keep pushing forward. Who knows where this will take us? Girl Crush is already having success that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams so where will we be in 5 years, 10 years from now? Only time will tell but in the meantime we will continue to do what we are passionate about, to surpass our limits