Présentation des ambassadrices (Partie 2)

Ambassadors' presentations (Part 2)

Jade Guillemette

Instagram: jadegui

Tiktok: jadeguill

What being a Girl Crush ambassador means to you

Being a Girl Crush Ambassador means being part of a great community and a Quebec-based brand founded by two strong and accomplished women who symbolize diversity, acceptance of differences, inclusivity, empowerment, simplicity, and comfort. Being an ambassador is an opportunity to showcase my creativity in unique pieces.

What your content for Girl Crush will allow you to showcase

I want to show the versatility of the pieces, the ease of creating cohesive, comfortable and accessible outfits for everyone. My Girl Crush content will allow me to showcase the originality of Girl Crush clothing. I want to show people who love the company that Girl Crush is not just a clothing brand, but a community where everyone has a place. I want to show that Girl Crush clothes and attitude bring confidence and self-assurance.

A good reason to choose Girl Crush pieces.

There are many reasons to choose Girl Crush pieces. Quite simply, people who choose Girl Crush pieces are guaranteed to feel beautiful and confident in fashionable, high-quality, eco-friendly clothing.

5 words to describe you and your content on social networks.

Ambitious, Dreamer, Creative, Thoughtful, Adventurous

Megan Lunam

Instagram : meganluna

Tiktok: lunammegan

What being a Girl Crush ambassador means to me

For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about fashion. I've always loved getting dressed up for school, Christmas, sleepovers... or for nothing at all too! Over time, fashion gave me such a big confidence boost that my improvised fashion shows in my living room turned into real fashion shows in front of an audience and cameras! That's when the little Megan who was hiding behind fashion to hide her lack of confidence took the lead and showed her true colors... FINALLY! I finally learned to have love and confidence for myself and it's amazing what those two things can make us do... they literally make anything possible! That's why being a Girl Crush Ambassador is so important to me. This role is proof to me that where there's a will, there's a way, but it's also the perfect opportunity to share one of my greatest passions and inspire my fellow man to go for it and spread positivity, love and confidence!

What my content for Girl Crush will put forward

With my content for Girl Crush, I want to create a positive and inspiring place for everyone and show that anything is possible. No matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from, you deserve to have confidence in yourself and pursue your biggest dreams. Life is too short to worry about what others think of your style, your passion or your job; I am living proof of that! I come from a small town of about 1,000 people and grew up surrounded by mountain bikes, forests and lakes. So when I decided to start modeling, study film, travel instead of going to college and start a blog (M Beyond the Borders, if you're interested! Hihi), you can believe me that I was afraid of what others would think. But in the end, I learned to trust my abilities and believe in my dreams so I went for it anyway and here I am now, 4 years later, writing these lines as an ambassador for my favorite company (definitely a pinch me moment, right?). So, to all of you who will see my content, I want you to remember that nothing happens for nothing and it's totally okay to create your own reality if you don't "fit" into the conventional mold. You are wonderful, and so are your dreams!

A good reason to choose Girl Crush pieces

What is THE reason I recommend Girl Crush pieces? Well, there is certainly an endless list of reasons why I love Girl Crush, but one of the main ones is the versatility of the company and its creations. Have you seen many companies that make Work Attire, swimsuits, matching sets, wadded up cottons, cute stockings and all in respect of our beloved earth? Because I don't. Girl Crush is definitely one of a kind and that's why I recommend these pieces so much. You can wear their clothes to the airport (who doesn't like to be stylish AND cool), to an interview for your dream job, to the beach or to the top of a mountain after a long hike. You can literally adapt their pieces to any occasion and still feel beautiful, confident and powerful, and that's what I think is so wonderful about this company.

5 words to describe me and my content on social media.

My content and I are: Positive, Authentic, Versatile, Adventurous, Dedicated

Alison Sirois

Instagram: alisonsiroi

Tiktok: alisonsiroiss

What being a Girl Crush Ambassador means to you.

I couldn't be more proud than to be a Girl Crush Ambassador. Representing a Quebec company of this magnitude is an honor for me. I'm excited to be able to delve a little deeper into the world of ethical fashion and inspire a few to feel good by making a difference in their consumption habits.

What your content for Girl Crush will allow you to put forward

I want to show my followers that it's totally accessible to get your hands on trendy pieces that also have a conscience behind their ecological footprint. I also want to show how fashion and a nice outfit can help us feel powerful and beautiful.

A good reason to choose Girl Crush pieces.

There are many reasons to choose Girl Crush pieces: You are not only supporting a Quebec company, but also a company created by two young and creative entrepreneurs. (Girl Power). The company has a huge ecological conscience from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the reception of your pieces. The clothes are trendy and the quality of the fabrics is exceptional. You can find anything from a girls night out to cozy pieces for your Sunday at home. The company is very inclusive creating clothes from XS to 3XL.

5 words to describe you and your content on social media.

I would describe myself as a very simple person who likes to laugh and take life lightly. I'm a social butterfly, I like to be around new people and share. I think these traits are reflected a lot on my social networks. I like to create beautiful content, but at the same time creative and entertaining. On Youtube, I love to make others laugh, that's my main goal.

Myriam Thibault

Instagram : myr_thibaul

Tiktok: myr_thibault

What being a Girl Crush ambassador means to you

Being a Girl Crush ambassador to me represents the ability to succeed at what I do and no matter what social background you come from or if your looks don't fit into society's standards, you can be in the forefront and use your voice.

What your content for Girl Crush will allow you to put forward

My content for Girl Crush will show that all bodies are beautiful and that plus sizes can rock the same outfit as a smaller size and that we can be as comfortable in our clothes as we are in our bodies.

Why do I choose to wear Girl Crush?

Simple, because I don't sacrifice comfort and I feel comfortable and included in the latest trendy pieces.

5 words that represent my content

Inclusive, light (I don't take myself too seriously), feminist, accessible and simple.

Bianca Perreault

Instagram : baperreaul

Tiktok : baperreault

What being a Girl Crush Ambassador means to you

For me the Girl Crush Ambassador program makes me feel valuable. The team makes me feel that no matter who I am, I am THE girl crush

What your content for Girl Crush will allow you to put forward

Definitely the content I share about Girl Crush puts forward the ability to mix and match all the pieces in any type of daily life. Girl Crush has a way of making the wearer feel good no matter what the figure and I confirm that this is what I am conveying when I show my pieces on the internet.

A good reason to choose Girl Crush pieces

The ethics behind the thinking behind each piece, behind the company. The women who created this company have chosen to offer comfort, well-being and eco-responsibility to the maximum, which is worth choosing and especially worth investing in. The materials of our GC clothing allow us to have quality pieces that do not wear out quickly.

5 words to describe you and your content on social networks

Creative, varied, clean, neat and sweet.

Alexandra Fragman

Instagram: youngmatchalattecoconutmil

Tiktok: a.fragman

What it means to you to be a Girl Crush Ambassador

This is a great opportunity for me to be able to represent a small local company that I love with values that I feel very strongly about! It's super-important for me to showcase our local talent and being an ambassador for Girl Crush allows me to do just that.

What your content for Girl Crush will allow you to showcase

I want to be able to show how the pieces can be worn by women of all genders with different bodies. Being considered "mid-size" myself it is often difficult for me to buy clothes online due to lack of representation. I want to make it possible through my content for all women to imagine themselves in beautiful Girl Crush clothing and encourage positivity and love for their bodies.

A good reason to choose Girl Crush pieces

Clothes are fabulous but they also convey important values of self love, what more could you ask for?

5 words to describe you and your content on social networks

Happy, colorful, positive, travel lover, body positive.