Plongez dans l'univers coloré de Cindy Cournoyer : Co-fondatrice de GIRL CRUSH

Immerse yourself in the colorful universe of Cindy Cournoyer: Co-founder of GIRL CRUSH

Word from the team: Cindy introduces herself to you today: an inspiring and visionary woman who co-founded the company.

We are impressed by her passion, her determination and her inspiring leadership that she demonstrates on a daily basis. His commitment to the company's mission and his constant concern for the team are examples for all of us to follow.

We believe that learning from her and her story is an inspiring example for anyone looking to realize their own entrepreneurial dreams. As a team, we are proud to work alongside this exceptional individual and look forward to sharing his unique journey with you.

Age & astrological sign: 29 years old, Capricorn

A few things about you: I care about people! My favorite song is Scientist by Coldplay, my favorite food is shepherd's pie or sushi. I love Colleen Hoover's books.
What makes you happy? The little things: a good coffee, a laugh with friends, surprising someone.
What is the story behind your passion for fashion? From a young age, I made clothes with recycled paper and scotch tape. I developed a passion for fashion in high school and I created my small "business" of recycled clothing at that age during a course. Then in Cégep, I recycled shorts into jeans and changed the pockets with colored fabric. I've always loved that!
Describe your style of dress? A street style moment, a preppy moment. I don't have a specific style, it depends on my mood!
What would you like people to know about you that is perhaps surprising or unexpected? I look like a wise and angelic person but "I'm in it". I'm ready to defend my values and go after things.
How do you see the future of our clothing business? I trust that Girl Crush will grow to become a reference in coordinated sets to help as many people as possible feel good about themselves, while reducing the ecological footprint of our planet. Unfortunately, the textile industry is very polluting and it is necessary to dress. So it takes companies like us to make a difference.
What do you like the most about being part of the GIRL CRUSH team? Building a community. <3
Your favorite collection? Everyday Linen. Very versatile!
Your strength and your weakness? Emotional intelligence & procrastination!

Cindy & The GIRLCRUSH team, xoxo