Girl Crush of the month January

Here are a few people from the Girl Crush community who have stood out over the past month with their content!

Élo Côté

Instagram : _elo.cote

Youtube : elo12cote

What I like about Girl Crush I have several pieces from different Girl Crush collections and they all have one thing in common despite their differences: comfort! Girl crush for me is trendy and ultra comfortable pieces which makes the best duo! I always have trouble choosing the colors of the collections because they are all perfect! I'm also in love with all the little details so well chosen, it makes all the difference in a piece of laundry! How I create my look in life The Double Fleece collection is ideal for me because, being ultra chilly but in love with hiking, it's the perfect set! The set keeps me warm in addition to being beautiful! The quality is superb so it is simply a must have for winter! The raspberry color stands out so well with the snow!! Choosing my looks the day before or the morning of, it's a cakewalk for me! I always choose my laundry according to the main activity of the day and the weather. I like to vary my laundry by choosing different colors that will make my outfits stand out from day to day. What do Girl Crush pieces add to my wardrobe? Another thing I like about Girl Crush is that the collections often come as a matching set. It's a must for me to have outfits in my wardrobe that "fit" without having to break my head! We can also “match” the pieces with other clothes from our wardrobe to create endless looks! I have a lot of fun taking the pieces and arranging them! Girl Crush tracks always stand out!

Gabrielle Faulkner

Instagram : gabrielllefaulkner

What do you like about Girl Crush? I am deeply impressed by Girl Crush Gang, a Quebec company founded by two young female entrepreneurs, for their dedication to providing high quality fashion products for contemporary women. The brand's vision of celebrating femininity, self-confidence and freedom of style is inspiring and unique, not least thanks to the female direction. The Girl Crush collection reflects current fashion trends while maintaining a personal and distinctive touch. The pieces are designed for ease of use and easy coordination, making them ideal for a versatile wardrobe. The superior quality of Girl Crush's products, made from durable and comfortable materials, is remarkable. In conclusion, I admire Girl Crush Gang's vision, their commitment to fashion for modern women, and the quality of their products. It's a remarkable brand and I'm proud to support it as a Quebecer. From this collection, how do you create your look in life? As a fashion enthusiast and finance employee at Global Affairs Canada, I always seek to balance my personal style with the professional expectations of my position. That's why I'm so excited about the Girl Crush collection. Their unique and elegant style, combining relaxation and professionalism, is completely in line with my needs. I can choose pieces for a professional appearance while adding a personal and trendy touch. It keeps me feeling confident and comfortable throughout my workday, while sharing my outfits on social media. As a social media content creator, I am constantly on the lookout for new brands to promote to my community. I'm happy to be able to include Girl Crush in this list. The brand, led by two young female entrepreneurs, is committed to delivering premium fashion products for today's women. Their determination to found a company that celebrates femininity, self-confidence and freedom of style is an inspiration to me. I also love how Girl Crush's collection reflects current fashion trends while maintaining a personal and unique touch. The pieces are designed to be easy to wear and mix and match, making them a great choice for a versatile wardrobe. The quality of the products, made from top quality materials to ensure durability and comfort, is remarkable. In conclusion, I'm proud to be part of the Girl Crush community and can't wait to see what the brand has in store for us in the future. What do the pieces add to your everyday wardrobe? The Girl Crush collection adds a personal and trendy touch to my daily wardrobe. The pieces are designed to be both smart and casual, offering versatility for any situation, from work to social life. I like how easy it is to coordinate the pieces, which allows me to include them in different sets to achieve various styles. In addition, the superior quality of the products ensures increased durability and long-term satisfaction. Girl Crush's collection brings a welcome variation to my wardrobe and gives me confidence and up-to-date style in my everyday outfits. How does the brand inspire your creativity when designing outfits for your social media posts? The Girl Crush brand inspires me a lot in terms of creativity when designing outfits for my social media posts. Girl Crush's collections are characterized by their modern cuts, trendy colors and exceptional quality, which helps me create looks that are both elegant and trendy. The fact that the brand is designed by two young female entrepreneurs also adds an inspiring dimension, as it shows that women can succeed in any field and have a positive impact on fashion. By using Girl Crush products in my outfits, I feel both confident and inspired, allowing me to design looks that I'm proud to share with my community on social media. Indeed, the Girl Crush brand is a key part of my creativity and my inspiration in the world of fashion.

Sarah-Jeanne Vachon

Instagram  : s_to_the_j__

What I like about Girl Crush What I like about Girl Crush is first and foremost the fact that it's a brand that keeps up to date with trends. In addition, these are clothes that can be worn both day-to-day and for a drink in town in the evening. How I create my look in life I would say that this collection allows me to wear the set separately in order to create different looks. For example, I can put the shirt alone over a swimsuit, and even put a "bodysuit" with the pants since they offer a looser style. What do Girl Crush pieces add to my wardrobe? Basically, the Girl Crush pieces really add simplicity and quality to my wardrobe. They also allow me to experiment with new looks since they are pieces that go with everything. What is my favorite collection and why? If I had to choose a favorite collection, I would choose the Après-Ski! Having done a lot of skiing myself, I know how much putting on a hoodie after a cold day is the best feeling in the world. The hoodies in this collection are comfortable and really give off cottage vibes through their designs and color choice.

Valérie Parker

Instagram : valerieparker_

What I like about Girl Crush Beyond the comfort and quality of the clothes, I like the messages conveyed by the brand. They are inclusive and unisex pieces of clothing for most collections. They are intended for all age groups. There is also a whole ecological conscience behind the creative process. The brand proves that it is possible to make trendy and quality clothes with recycled materials. Then, without forgetting that when I wear the clothes, I feel so comfortable and stylish that I'm ready to face my day💪🏻 How I create my look in life I always try to dress comfortably and follow trends, but also keep my cute touch. I like to say that I dress like a big kid😂 Pink is my favorite color so when I saw that GC had released not only the collection of après-ski sweaters that I was looking forward to, but also that there was one available in pink, I jumped at the chance. I paired it with a sleeveless puffy jacket and crocs of course to have the ultimate après-ski look☺️ What do Girl Crush pieces add to my wardrobe? GC has a good amount of nice basics. So it's easy to put together and start a fiery outfit with one of their pieces of clothing. Comfort is also important to me. Fortunately, the brand offers a range of joggers and matching sets that are both comfortable and trendy. I draw from the ones I have at home and I know it will be a good day. Also, one thing to know about me is that I'm always cold and the winters are quite harsh in my case😅. So I got into the habit during very cold temperatures of putting a GC turtleneck under my top and putting the leggings under the bottom to keep me warm. In short, they literally saved my life. 😂 What is my favorite collection and why? Difficult to choose, I actually have a top 3, but no order of preference. I love the Terry Edit, I have the sets in three different colors. I think it's such a summery set and the choice of colors is amazing. Then, I like sweater vests, because they really match my style and can be worn with a more casual, but also more chic outfit. Finally, I love the leggings from the Activewear collection, they are the ones I wear when I go to train. The quality and comfort are amazing. They can easily compete with leggings from other well-known brands.

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