Comment bien entretenir ses vêtements

How to take good care of your clothes

What could be more annoying than choosing your clothes carefully and ruining them after just a few washes? How you care for your clothes properly will have an impact on how long they last to keep them in good condition for longer. At Girl Crush very specific instructions are provided to you to be able to take care of it.

Read the care information for your tracks on the website

Before washing your clothes, read the care instructions available on each of the Girl Crush pieces on the site. Some parts may require a specific type of maintenance in order to prolong their durability. This will allow you to reduce the risk of wearing prematurely worn clothes.

Do not use the dryer

Do not use the dryer, the heat harms the fibers, it can therefore damage the clothes, create pilling and thus reduce their life cycles or cause certain materials to shrink. You are asked to always air dry your clothes flat to avoid stretching the clothes when hanging.

Wash in cold water

We strongly recommend that you clean your clothes with cold water. Cold water can help preserve colors and delicate fabrics, reducing the risk of shrinkage or fading. It should be remembered that it is much more economical and environmentally friendly to use cold water because heating the water can represent a significant part of the energy consumption of a washing machine.

Sort clothes by color

Sort clothes by color before washing to prevent colors from mixing and fading on top of each other. Light and dark colored clothes should be washed separately.

Use the right detergent and no bleach

Use the correct detergent for the type of fabric. Mild detergents are best for delicate fabrics. We recommend its use knowing that products made from recycled materials are more fragile. Never use bleach to avoid damaging or discoloring fabrics.

If you do not know which detergent to use, we advise you to read this article from the Quebec company ATTITUDE as a starting point.

Store clothes properly

We advise you to store the clothes in a dry place to avoid mold and away from direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading over time. Hang delicate clothes to prevent deformation and carefully fold others. If necessary, iron your clothes at low intensity only if necessary.

By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your Girl Crush clothes and keep them looking great.