Girl Crush Inc.

80's Recycled Tee

Color: Lilac

The 80's Recycled Tee is unique like nowhere else. Have you ever seen a t-shirt made from recycled materials in addition to being tie-dye? It took us several months to develop this fabric which is actually a mix of fibers made from recycled plastic bottles and cotton fibers from old shredded t-shirts. Wear it with our lilac scrunchies and white matching sets.

Did you know that the manufacture of recycled materials or, more precisely, recycled polyester allows a 75% reduction in the amount of CO2 released compared to virgin polyester?

These data are rather shocking, but give us a lot of hope. So that's why, at Girl Crush, we made the decision to go for clothes made from recycled materials.

By buying one of our recycled t-shirts, you will prevent 10 or 12 bottles from ending up in the garbage, in addition to getting a super soft and fashionable piece of clothing. The best of both worlds!

Raphael wears the L / XL, Gabrielle the S / M and Émilie the 2XL / 3XL.

For all questions about the Les Fonceuses organization, the sizes, the origin of the clothes, etc. do not hesitate to join us at

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