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Growth Is A Process Recycled Tee

Color: Beige

Only 5 pieces in stock!

The "Growth Is A Process" T-Shirt was designed to illustrate human growth in physical, mental or spiritual development. The butterflies on the front of the t-shirt were designed by a Montreal illustrator named Claudie Lamarre. Indeed, they are all unique: missing wings, uneven antennae, etc. in order to illustrate the beauty of the growth process in its imperfection. Even cooler? The material of the t-shirt is made from recycled materials. Oh yes! Its fabric is actually a mix of fibers made from recycled plastic bottles and cotton fibers from old shredded t-shirts.

Did you know that the manufacture of recycled materials or, more precisely, recycled polyester allows a 75% reduction in the amount of CO2 released compared to virgin polyester?

These data are rather shocking, but give us a lot of hope. So that's why, at Girl Crush, we made the decision to opt for t-shirts made from recycled materials.

By buying one of our recycled t-shirts, you will prevent 10 or 12 bottles from ending up in the garbage, in addition to getting a super soft and fashionable piece of clothing. The best of both worlds!

In the first photo, Lucie is wearing the S / M. Cindy wears the L / XL and finally, Lucie wears S / M in the last photo as well. Lucie is 5ft7 and Cindy 5ft3. The t-shirts are designed to have the oversized look.

For all questions about the Le Chaînon organization, the sizes, the origin of the clothes, etc. do not hesitate to join us at

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