Girl Crush Inc.

Burnt Orange Waffle Beanie

Color: Burnt Orange

This beanie, produced in Quebec, is the perfect accessory for your chilly days. We're tripping over tone-on-tone fashion, which is why a little label engraved with Girl Crush Gang features this one. Quantities are limited, hurry!

We produce the following items here in Montreal:

- Our hats

- Our scrunchies

- Our jewelry

- Our Vintage Reworked

- Our stickers

We produce the following items in Asia:

-Our products 100% made from recycled materials

-Our Summer & Winter Collection

Our workers here in Montreal are all paid above minimum wage and we work most of the time on a contract basis with people here who directly determine their wages and hours. We give creative control to local artists + seamstresses in our Vintage Reworked range.

The factories we work with in Asia all have certifications proving their compliance with the highest national standards / working conditions

100% Acrylic

For all questions about the Le Chaînon organization, the sizes, the origin of the clothes, etc. do not hesitate to join us at

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