Wishing to offer the best possible quality to our customers, our manufacturers located in Quebec and China are recognized worldwide in their respective fields of expertise. Indeed, it is important to keep in mind that each country has a more in-depth expertise in a certain type of manufacturing - this is the case of China when it comes to eco-responsible production and that of Canada when it comes to “knitting”, which is the type of weaving used to make beanies.  

Product composition

Our partner manufacturers in China are family-owned businesses with a passion for developing new technologies that constantly push the boundaries of sustainable fashion. They have much more developed technologies for recycling and reusing materials. Thanks to this international collaboration, we are particularly proud to be among the first Quebec companies to offer such a wide variety of eco-conscious products. Through 2020, 75% of Girl Crush products were made from eco-friendly materials (42% made entirely from recycled materials and 33% made from organic materials). Our goal is to reach the 100% barrier by 2023.

Local production

As for our local productions, it is with great pride that we can say that Girl Crush contributes to the local economy of Quebec by offering various production contracts. Our seamstresses make our scrunchies by hand in the comfort of their own homes, and our jewelers develop our jewelry with care and passion. All of these items, as well as our toques and our line of reworked clothing called "Vintage Rework" are made right here in Montreal, and allow the artisans in charge to benefit from a stable income while having great flexibility in terms of schedules since they are their own bosses.


We believe that everyone who puts a little salt in the creation of a Girl Crush product is considered a member of our family who deserves to be celebrated and respected. Thus, we work exclusively with factories exceeding the highest national standards in terms of respect for working conditions. WRAP Certification, Oeko-Tex Certification and participation in the Fair Labor Association represent certifications demonstrating the various sustainable practices to which our partner factories adhere.